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Kane memo preludes Des Moines meeting

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Aug. 3, 2009 • Afternoon report

As Gannett managers prepare to meet next week in Des Moines to discuss consolidating ad production, Interstate Group president Mike Kane sent a memo to those who report directly to him stressing the importance of the budget for the final six months of this year.

In the memo (published at the bottom of this page), which was provided to Gannettoid.com by a person who revealed their identity to us, but will remain anonymous, Kane started by saying, "It's very important for everyone to understand that our recently submitted final L6 projections in effect became our new budget."

The L6 stands for the last six months of the year (F6 is first six).

The Des Moines meeting will take place Aug. 10-11. The meeting will at least include senior managers from the regional toning center's infrastructure and it's also believed a vendor could be present. This consolidation could cut local ad building and trafficking.

According to the names listed, Kane's memo was sent to the following people:

• Margaret Buchanan, Interstate Group vice president and president and publisher of The Cincinnati Enquirer

• Arnold Garson, president and publisher at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky.

• Gary Suisman, president and publisher at Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier

• Eugenia (Genia) Lovett, president and publisher of The Post-Crescent in Appleton, Wis.

• Rhonda Wolfla, based at The Indianapolis Star, executive secretary to Mike Kane.

• Mike Huot, vice president of circulation at The Courier-Journal Co. in Louisville, Ky. He is the group circulation director.

• Bruce Klink, vice president of finance at The Indianapolis Star. Serves as the group's controller.

• Randi Austin, human resources executive, vice president and group vice president for the Interstate Group, based at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky. She is the HR director for the group.

• Bill Bolger, vice president of operations and information technology at The Indianapolis Star. He is the group director.

• James Jackson, vice president of new media and product development at The Cincinnati Enquirer

• Juli Metzger, executive editor for digital and custom content at The Indianapolis Star

This list does not include every publisher, or even at least a representive, from each paper in the Interstate Group, but Kane stresses at the end that those listed make sure all publishers and members of the regional operating committees (Rocs) know this information.

Here is the memo:

From: Kane, Michael G (Indianapolis)
To: Buchanan, Margaret; Garson, Arnold; Suisman, Gary; Lovett, Genia
Cc: Wolfla, Rhonda (Indianapolis); Huot, Mike; Klink, Bruce (Indianapolis); Austin, Randi; Bolger, Bill; Jackson, James; Metzger, Juli (Indianapolis)
Sent: Sat Aug 01 10:54:07 2009
Subject: Interstate L6 Budget -- Rev & Exp

It's very important for everyone to understand that our recently submitted final L6 projections in effect became our new budget.

The Board approved this at their meeting last week. Throw away old budget numbers. Everything now will be compared against these updated targets

Accordingly, it's important that you know this is how our individual and collective performance will be evaluated in the L6.

I can't stress this enough: We all need to be VERY motivated to make plan going forward. We will also look to reinvest $$ above plan (especially in content, marketing/promotion and circ sales pressure).

Please ensure that our publishers and Rocs are well aware of this.

I have no doubt the Interstate Group will lead the way!


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