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Memo updates Coupon Blast program

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Sept. 15, 2009 • Morning report

Gannett's director of product development, Jim Lenahan, provided an update on the company's Coupon Blast advertising program in a memo sent late Sunday.

Lenahan reported in a Sept. 4 memo that 29 markets had indicated they would be participating in the program. Sunday's memo said 47 markets are now partipating.

Here's the memo:

RE: Coupon Blast update
Lenahan, Jim

Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 11:19 PM
To: Lenahan, Jim; Advertising Executives; Retail Advertising Executives; Broussard, Terry; Gaier, Paul; Bryce, Tracy; Corey, Christina; Nye, Lesa; Riesbeck, Jodie;Thorne, Andrea; King, Stacia H; Shelton, Sandra; Bjork, Becky; Jack, Kathy; Johnson, Scott (GB); Schaaf, Heidi; Spear, Sharon; Prince, Ron; Henrich, Ken;Bolle, Laurie; Lackey, Brad; St. Clair, Tina; Lange, Marsha; Young, Mary; Ohalloran, Lisa; Rice, Bobby; Ford, Pam; Dewey, Jan; Howard, Stan; English, James;Perkinson, Jennine; Bosetski, Greg; Millsap, Mark; Goodnight, Marty; Definis, Teci; Kessler, Vaughn; Herum, Jandell; Bembnister, Joseph; Davis, Terry ( IOWA CITY )
Cc: Publishers/Newspaper Operating Unit Heads (USCP Only); GCI-Market Development Directors

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here is the latest update on the Coupon Blast program:

We are now at 47 participating markets.

They are:

• Alexandria
• Appleton
• Asbury Park
• Asheville
• Battle Creek
• Binghamton
• Bridgewater
• Bucyrus
• Chillicothe
• Clarksville
• Coshocton
• Des Moines
• East Brunswick
• Elmira
• Fond du Lac
• Fort Collins
• Freemont
• Green Bay
• Greenville
• Honolulu
• Iowa City
• Ithaca
• Jackson TN
• Lancaster
• Lansing
• Manitowoc
• Mansfield
• Marion
• Monroe
• Montgomery
• Morristown
• Muncie
• Newark
• Oshkosh
• Pensacola
• Port Clinton
• Port Huron
• Poughkeepsie
• Reno
• St. George
• Salem
• Sheboygan
• Shreveport
• Springfield
• Vineland
• Visalia
• Zanesville

I have reviewed all your plans and have put key details in a spreadsheet titled Coupon Blast Summary on the Coupon Blast SharePoint site: http://sps.gannett.gci/areas/adv/rev_summit/Coupon%20Blast/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Some of you did not supply all the necessary information. Please review the spreadsheet and send me any additions or changes.

A few of you did not include the daily newspaper in your Coupon Blast. A reminder that the Coupon Blast program is built upon creating highly visible coupon marketplaces. The foundation of that should be the daily newspaper. If you did not include the newspaper in your program, please rework and resubmit your plan.

Likewise, a few of you did not bundle more than one product into your Coupon Blast program. This likely will not include enough visible coverage to make your program stand out to advertisers in your market. If this is the case, please rework and resubmit your plan.

At this point, you should be beginning Coupon Blast ad sales. To help you with this, we have just added a Coupon Blast Sales Presentation deck to the SharePoint site. Please be sure to update the deck to reflect details of your local program before presenting to advertisers. Pay particular attention to the items in pink type in the deck. In addition, the SharePoint site now has information about a Coupon Blast sales flyer and a document with guidance on creating effective coupons.

And don’t forget that the SharePoint site also has a skeleton to help you in creating broadsheet Coupon Blast pages (either for a wrap or inside). Coming soon is a skeleton for tabs. Also coming soon are house ads (3x5) to run in the daily newspaper to promote your coupon marketplaces to consumers.

Also coming very soon is more information about the new online Deals sites. Gannett Digital just informed me that the first sites will be in place by Oct. 19. I have given Digital a list of Coupon Blast markets, which will receive top priority in getting the new Deals site. Full rollout to all USCP markets should be completed by November. More information and sales materials for these sites will be coming soon.

Thanks very much for your time. I appreciate your participation in this important program. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Also, it will be important to learn from each other as we go, so please send me information on what elements of the program are working well and which need improvement as we move forward.

Thanks again.

Jim Lenahan
Director of Product Development | Gannett Co. Inc. | U.S. Community Publishing Division


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