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Gannett Digital lists current projects

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Aug. 31, 2009 • Afternoon report

Jeff Book, the director of deployment for Gannett Digital, issued a memo Monday informing publishers, editors and Web teams of project in the division's project portfolio.

The projects are on the division's intranet, but there is a sample listing. Have access to the listings and want to contribute. E-mail the list to news@gannettoid.com.

Here is the memo:

Gannett Digital Project Portfolio
Jeff Book
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 11:33 AM
To: Publishers/Newspaper Operating Unit Heads (USCP Only); Broadcast General Managers; Editors of Gannett Daily Newspapers; Editors2 of Gannett Daily Newspapers; Broadcast News Directors; Advertising Executives; Broadcast General Sales Managers; GannettOnlineList; Broadcast Web Team; Broadcast Digital Sales Executives
Cc: GannettDigital; GannettDigital-Ventures; GCI C1 Staff


In an effort to provide transparency into the projects currently in the Gannett Digital project portfolio, I have assembled our project portfolio on the front page of the Gannett Digital Intranet.

http://gannettdigital.com/intranet (If prompted, use your network user id and password.)

Projects listed on the intranet represent what is currently in the Gannett Digital project portfolio that will impact our local business units. Projects are broken up into three phases: Planning, Development and Deployment. As a local business unit you will want to make sure you are executing on the projects currently in deployment, while keeping an eye on those projects currently in development. Projects in the planning stages are a long way from being implemented, so this list provides the best long term view of what to expect from Gannett Digital.

Each project listing will consist of a program name, project name, who owns the project, which rollout manager(s) will help implement the project, along with a description and estimated level of local market impact. Here is a sample listing:

Content Infrastructure / GO4 Faster
Business Owner: Jon Burns / Rollout Managers: Michael Doheny, Jenna Warren and Diana Owens Description: GO4 Faster will enhance the overall user experience and reduce perceived download time on the GO4 sites. (Local LOE: High / Departments impacted: Information Center, Digital)

Keep in mind that there will be projects that quickly arise that need to be executed upon, but will never make this list and impact the completion of other projects. You may also find that projects in the planning stages never make their way into development, or take a completely different direction. These are factors of our rapidly changing business, and due to those plus numerous other factors, we are not providing specific date guidance as to when a project will move from development into deployment.

I will routinely update the list online, and will send a monthly project portfolio update reminder via email. I hope this list will serve as a window into projects occurring here at Gannett Digital.

Please let me know if you have other ideas on how Gannett Digital can improve overall project portfolio or individual project communications.

Thank You,
Jeff Book
Director of Deployment
Gannett Digital


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