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Memo on Gannett e-Learning Program

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Jan. 26, 2010 • Morning report

The following memo was sent Jan. 20 from Virgil Smith, Gannett's vice president of talent management. It details an e-Learning Program and informed various employees, mainly managers, of their being chosen to participate in the program.

The orientation Webinar was set for today.

Here's the memo:

Message Sent on Behalf of Virgil Smith: Gannett e-Learning Program
IT Training
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:42 PM
Braunschweig, Joe; Charais, Amy (Appleton); Fiorito, Greg; Flannery, Dan; Gaier, Paul; Rowe, John; Seeber, Mike; Vonderahe, Melinda; McCullough, Mike; Rager, Mark R.; Throne, Mike W.; Bird, Deirdre; Bulling, Keith; Callinan, Tom; Conaboy, Jack; Gleason, Mike; Hahn, Carol; Jackson, James; Preisser, Dave; Woodruff, Mark;Wuertemberger, Dave; Bembnister, Joseph; George, Cindy; Nevels-Haun, Jill; Dye, John; Johnson, Scott (GB); Bolger, Bill; Cherba, John; Edmund, Lindy; Miller, Patricia; Holmes, Yasha; Keough, James; Klink, Bruce (Indianapolis); Kridelbaugh, John; Metzger, Juli (Indianapolis); Peregrin, Patrick; Ryerson, Dennis; Sturgeon, Bryan;Torrison, Kimberly; Deno, Chris; Doll, Julie; Holm, Jim; Komidar, Travis; Nase, Daniel; Taylor-Thomas, Antionette; Alford, Melissa; Angel, Stephanie; Davies, David;Fung, Sidney; Hirten, Mickey; Hook, Jody; King, Stacia H; McFatridge, Kevin; Apel, Chris (Louisville); Austin, Randi; Huot, Mike; Huot, Elaine; Ivory, Bennie L.; St. Charles, Anna; Bolle, Laurie; Johnson, Lowell; Reed, Steve (Manitowoc); Bolyard, Mark; Hearn, Michael D; Hunnell, Carl S.; Coppler, Jeff L.; Graser, Tom; Umbach, Nancy; Williams, Gene; Young, Mary; Dunlap, Leslie D.; Lovern, Carl; Miller, Linda S. HR-NNCO; Shearer, Michael J; Shelby, Ken E.; Ohalloran, Lisa; Rieckman, Stew;Driscoll, Lori; Ruddick, Jeanie; Blacker, PJ; Johnson, Mickey (Richmond); O'Neal, Paige; Bosetski, Greg; Knuth, Mike; Baldwin, Mark; Hehir, Scott; Davisson, Brandie B;LaCara, Len L.; Merriweather, John
Elton, Mary; PDT-ALL
Welcome to Gannett’s new e-learning development program.
You have been chosen to participate in a Company-wide leadership development program.  As part of the company’s on going employee development efforts, we have contracted with Element K to provide e-learning opportunities for our top managers who are on corporate payroll and included in the SuccessFactors data base.  As a key manager, you will participate in both individualized and shared learning and development activities throughout 2010. 
Program Overview:
The entire Business Skills library of over 100 e-learning courses is available to you and you can take as many courses as you like at no cost to you or your department.  Using the online library is easy.  The courses are self-paced and you can take them at your convenience.  Your license is good for 12 months and is activated the month you first register.  You must register by March 1, 2010.  Information on registration will be provided in a separate email.

Program Orientation:

A 45 minute webinar has been scheduled to provide you with an orientation to the program,  directions for registering in Element K, access to the Gannett Business Skills share point site, and an introduce the Learning Community leader for your group.

Date of your webinar orientation:  January 26, 2010 at 2:30 pm EST

The link to the webinar:  http://gannett.na3.acrobat.com/glc

Learning Community Leader(s): 

·         Interstate I: Randi Austin
·         Interstate II: Keith Bulling (Cincinnati, Michigan, & NNCO)
Learning Communities and Program Requirements:

You will be assigned to a learning group composed of other managers within your region and division.  Each Learning Community has a leader to answer questions and act as a resource.  Some regions have been divided into smaller learning groups.  The purpose of the “learning community” is to provide you with the opportunity to discuss the courses with other professionals and share insights.

The Learning Communities are required to complete the following:
•         Choose and complete five courses from the Business Skills library over the next 12 months.

•         Schedule and participate in a virtual discussion on each of the chosen five courses.

Each Learning Community will have access to a share point site for posting meeting time, discussion questions, additional articles and resources.

Follow up:

During the year we will be seeking your feedback on a variety of topics, including the process for creating your Success Factors Development Plan, the ease of taking Element K courses, and the value of those courses to your development.  We will send you survey in October asking for this information.

At various times during the year we will track course completion for Division Heads and Unit Heads.

We wish you all the best as you take advantage of this terrific e-learning opportunity.     If you have questions or comments, please contact Mary Elton, Director of Corporate Learning and Development.

Virgil Smith

Always Forward

Learning Community Course Recommendations

The entire online library has more than 100 e-learning courses.  Below are some courses that map to some of the competencies identified in Success Factors as core leadership competencies and could be a starting point for you in choosing your curriculum. However, you may take any of the courses and as many as you wish - - at no cost to you or your unit.
Coaching Essentials (Includes Simulation)
This course covers:
• Establishing the Coaching Relationship
• Conducting the Initial Coaching Conversation

• Executing the Action Plan

First Steps To Strategic Planning (Includes Simulation)
This course addresses the basics of strategic planning and would be a good foundation for managers who need a foundation in strategic planning
This course covers:
• Set the Parameters for the Strategic Planning Process
• Establish a Committee
• Gather Operational Data
Defining the Issue of a Problem (Includes Simulation)
This course covers:
• Analyze Problems Creatively

• Determine the Real Problem'

Assessing Change for Managers
(Includes Simulation)
This course covers:
• Planning for Change

• Communicating Change

Implementing Change for Managers
(Includes Simulation)
This course covers:
• Managing the Initial Impact of Change

• Implementing Change

Managing Innovation and Creativity (Includes Simulation)
This course covers:
• Managing the Creative Environment
• Moving from Idea to Implementation


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