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Gannett teams with LoopNet group

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Sept. 15, 2009 • Afternoon report

Gannett announced in an Aug. 6 memo it was entering into an agreement with LoopNet, Inc., an online real estate listing company.

The original memo (second note published below), said LoopNet would provide Gannett with local co-branded sites for BizBuySell.com and CityFeet.com. In a memo sent Monday about the agreement (first note published below), the director of deployment for Gannett Digital, Jeff Book, said Gannett met some contract requirements by Sept. 1 and was now working on the next phase.

Here's the e-mail:

Deployment notice: Commercial Real Estate/Business Opportunities
Book, Jeff

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 3:55 PM
To: Gannett holds Content Summit this week
Cc: Gannett holds Content Summit this week
Attachments: RE_Links.jpg‎ (43 KB‎)


I wanted to give you a quick update on the progress we are making in regards to our LoopNet contract. In order to execute the contract by 9/1, we had a minimum requirement to link to locally co-branded versions of BizBuySell.com and CityFeet.com for businesses for sale and commercial real estate listings on our real estate channel pages. Gannett Digital, working in conjunction with LoopNet and Homefinder, has completed that portion of this project. You can now see links to these sites on your real estate channel pages at the bottom of the Homefinder search. I’ve attached an image to highlight where the links are located.

Now that we have met the minimum to execute the contract with LoopNet there are two more contractual obligations to meet.

1.) Links on Classifieds: We are required to place a link for "Commercial Real Estate" and "Businesses for Sale" from within your classifieds section. The classifieds front is the best placement for the links, but they can reside on interior pages. Use the text in quotes, and grab the appropriate links from your Homefinder search widget. Please complete this portion of the project by Friday, September 25th. Please email me when you have completed this task.

2.) Classifieds feed: We are also required to provide businesses for sale and commercial real estate listing feeds to LoopNet for BizBuySell.com and CityFeet.com. If you are currently including these listings in your classifieds feed to GMTI, we will be contacting the individual you identified from your market to find out which classifications should be sent. If you are one of our markets who are not sending your classifieds to GMTI, then we will ask that individual to coordinate the development of a classified feed to fulfill this portion of the contract. Joe Marques from GMTI will be reaching out to your contacts to coordinate the completion of this portion of the project. If you did not send us a contact for this project, please forward an appropriate contact to Joe Marques.

The Gannett DPC will implement the links on classifieds for DPC markets without the need for a Change Request from each market. Each DPC market will still be responsible for their classifieds feed.

Please contact me if you have questions about what is required.

Thank You,

Jeff Book
Director of Deployment
Gannett Digital

Here's the original announcement:

From: Donaghy, Dan
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 4:23 PM
To: Publishers/Newspaper Operating Unit Heads (USCP Only); Ad Execs - East Group; Ad Execs - Interstate Newspaper Group; Ad Execs - South Group; Ad Execs - West Group; Ellwood, Susie; Ad Execs - Detroit
Cc: Williams, Jack; Dickey, Robert; Krans, Michelle; Ray, Evan; St. Cyr, Larry; Fuschetti, Steve; Hibert, Michael; Book, Jeff; Giallombardo, Leslie; Chang, JC; Kennedy, Mark
Subject: Announcing Online Commercial Real Estate/Business Opportunities Deal
Importance: High

We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve concluded a distribution deal with LoopNet, Inc., the leader in online commercial real estate and businesses for sale, that will provide incremental value to our users, advertisers and newspapers’ bottom line.

Similar to our other classified vertical partners, LoopNet will provide us with local co-branded versions of their two leading websites—CityFeet.com for commercial real estate, and BizBuySell.com for businesses for sale. Each contains robust searchable databases of listings into which we can up sell our print classified ads.

The deal terms are simple. Gannett newspapers will provide text links to these two sites in their online real estate and classifieds sections. LoopNet will, In turn, provide Gannett with a fixed monthly slotting fee that will be allocated out to newspapers based on the traffic they drive. In addition, our newspapers keep 100% of any revenue generated from up sold print classifieds and a 50% share of any online-only listings purchased on the co-branded sites. Newspapers control all of the display inventory on the co-branded sites and keep 100% of the revenue from any ads sold. Finally, newspapers will be permitted to maintain a separate search of their own print classifieds on their site.

Here’s what we need you to do to implement this program.

• In order to get data feeds to LoopNet of up sold print classifieds in commercial real estate and businesses for sale, GMTI needs a contact name at each newspaper (or group) who’s familiar with their classified front end and data.
Ad executives--please send an e-mail to Jeff Book (Digital Deployment Manager) with the contact information for your classifieds point person.
• Text links on real estate section fronts will be placed in the search widget and handled by HomeFinder.com.
• Assets for the building of co-branded sites will be provided to LoopNet by our deployment team
• Text links for “Commercial Real Estate” and “Businesses for Sale” in the classifieds sections will need to be done locally—more details on this will be forthcoming from Jeff Book

The program will begin on September 1st with the deployment of the text links on the real estate section fronts by HomeFinder.com.  Our goal is to get the text links in the classifieds sections and data feeds of up sold ads completed as soon as possible, but realize it may take longer than our September 1st launch date.

This partnership deal with LoopNet will be a nice addition to our growing portfolio of digital classifieds offerings.
As always, contact JC Chang, Mark Kennedy, or myself if you’ve got any questions.

Please be sure to forward this e-mail to all appropriate members of your digital and classifieds teams.


Dan Donaghy
Senior Vice President, Sales
Gannett Digital Ventures


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