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Memo from Westchester's Fisch

Gannettoid.com | news@gannettoid.com | Posted: Aug. 19, 2009 • Morning report

Westchester Journal News publisher Michael Fisch sent the following memo today further discussing the process of the paper's restructuring.

Transitional Pay Plan Clarification:

From: Michael Fisch, Journal News president and publisher

I wanted to clarify a number of points that are being discussed.

1. If you are offered a position in the new restructured organization in news and advertising you will not be required to do a drug screen.

2. If you are offered a position in the new restructured organization in news and advertising you will not have to go through an introductory period or what some people refer to as probation. If you have further questions regarding this please see a representative in Human Resources for clarification.

3. There continues to be a lot of questions regarding compensation. If you have questions regarding what grade your current job is in and what grade and salary range your new position will be in, we can answer those questions in Human Resources. I will repeat what I have said previously, this restructure is not about re-setting the compensation levels. Comparable positions will likely be at the same level as they have been. As I said at the meeting last week, and reiterated late last week, comparable jobs will have comparable pay. If you are seeking a job either up several grades or down several grades your compensation is likely to change, but that's similar to how we've handled these situations previously. If you have questions please see Human Resources for clarification on the jobs you are interested in. In the sales organization the opportunity to earn sales incentive compensation will be there as it has been. Obviously, sales incentive plans are always subject to change as they have been in the past, but it is in our best interest to provide all employees a competitive compensation package.

4. The Transitional Pay Plan is generating a lot of questions. Each employee leaving the organization will receive a TPP package. If you have specific questions regarding this program you need to see Human Resources so they can give you guidance on what actions you take.

I realize this restructuring process is very difficult to go through, and I want you to make your decisions with all the correct information so please see Human Resources to get clarity and correct information.

Michael J. Fisch, President & Publisher


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